How to Reset Raycon Earbuds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Struggling with your Raycon earbuds? Dive in to learn a simple step-by-step process to reset them and enjoy flawless audio again. Let's fix it together!

Updated on: September 28, 2023

Are you having connectivity problems with your Raycon earbuds? And now you want to reset them but don’t know how? 

Well, you don’t need any technical skills for that; it’s pretty simple. I’ve gone through all the user manuals of Raycon earbuds so that you don’t have to. In this article, you’ll find the reset process for various Raycon models. So stick with me to reset your earbuds.

Some groundwork before resetting your Raycon earbuds

  • Disconnect the earbuds from your device and delete them from your source device 
  • Make sure the earbuds are fully charged.

Reset method for different Raycon earbud models 

If you’ve been facing connectivity issues or your Raycon earbuds keep cutting out, resetting them can often resolve these problems. Here, we’ll discuss different reset methods for various models of Raycon earbuds to help you enjoy a flawless audio experience again.

Fitness/Everyday earbuds:

reset raycon Fitness earbuds

For these Raycon earbud models, you’ll have to use the first method. So let’s discuss it in detail.

  1. First, disconnect and delete the earbud model name from your device’s Bluetooth list
  2. Put both earbuds back in the charging case and keep the case open 
  3. Now press and hold the center reset button on the charging case for 5 seconds or until the LED light flashes yellow three times 
  4. Then close the case, and your earbuds are now successfully reset


reset raycon E55 earbuds
(image credit: CNN)

To reset E55 earbuds:

  • Place the earbuds back in the case 
  • Now press and hold the buttons on the earbuds for 8 seconds 
  • Once the light starts to flash, your earbuds are reset 


raycon E25 earbud reset

These earbud models have a slightly different reset technique. Here’s how:

  1. After disconnecting and deleting the earbuds from your device. Power off the earbuds by holding down the buttons at the same time for at least 4 seconds
  2. Now hold the buttons on the side of the earbuds for 30 seconds place them back in the case and close it 
  3. Then take them out and try connecting them again

A little trick for resetting Raycon E25/E50:

In case the above method doesn’t solve the connectivity problem for you, It’s probably because your earbuds didn’t reset properly. If you read the manuals closely, you’ll know that the earbuds need to be closed inside the charging pod to reset. 

This can only be done by placing something inside the charging case that presses against the button while the lid is closed. 

You can use paper tissues, tape, or button cells (or any other soft item that won’t damage the buds) and put them on the earbud buttons before you close the case. You’ll know the lid is sufficiently closed when the indicator light on the case turns on. 

Keep the pressure for 30 seconds and this should do the trick. Open the case and take out the earbuds. Turn them on and see if it resolves the issue.

You may have to repeat this process a few times, in case one of the buttons doesn’t get pressed properly. 

Common Issues with Raycon Earbuds:

Even our trusty Raycon earbuds can have their moments. Here’s a quick guide to breeze through those pesky issues:

1. Earbuds Not Pairing?

  • Fix: Ensure earbuds are charged and Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Remove any existing paired devices and try connecting again. If needed, perform a quick reset.

2. Experiencing Audio Dropouts or Syncing Issues?

  • Fix: Check for obstructions or interferences. Reset your earbuds if the issue persists.

3. Earbuds Won’t Charge?

  • Fix: Ensure the charging case is charged and clean the charging contacts gently. If unsuccessful, it’s time to check your warranty and contact customer service.

4. One Earbud Not Working?

  • Fix: Check the volume settings and ensure both earbuds are charged. A reset or a call to Raycon’s support team might be in order if one side remains silent.

5. Earbuds Not Turning On?

  • Fix: Verify the earbuds are correctly placed in the charged case. If they remain unresponsive, a reset might do the trick.

Quick Reflection:

I know, it’s frustrating when tech doesn’t cooperate, but a bit of patience and the right fixes can get your tunes back on track! And always remember, Raycon’s helpful customer service is just a call away.

Final thoughts 

There! Now you know how to reset your Raycon earbuds. But I wouldn’t recommend doing it more often as it may damage the firmware. Before resetting, try to rule out every other cause for the malfunction. 

If you have more than one Bluetooth device at home, keep them off except the one you want to pair up. Also, make sure the earbuds are fully charged. Go for the reset only if there’s no other way. 

If the problem persists even after the reset, then you might’ve done it wrong, or your earbuds need to be replaced. But before that, reach out in the comments and we’ll figure out what the issue is. Till then, good luck resetting!  

If the earbuds are still not working properly, perhaps not charging, you might find our article on Raycon Earbuds Not Charging helpful.

Insightful User Case Studies: Experiences and Resolutions

Case Study 1: The Struggle of Syncing

  • User Name: AudioKushHQ
  • Issue: The user struggled with Raycon E25 earbuds not pairing together. They could only use one earbud at a time, not both together.
  • Solution: After spending hours searching the internet for tips and reading the manual, the user realized that the earbuds do not factory reset unless they are closed inside of the charging pod. Using objects like silicone or paper to press down the earbuds’ buttons when the case is closed helped resolve the syncing issues.
  • Outcome: The user was really glad that this solution helped and had no issues with the earbuds 6 months post-reset.

Case Study 2: The Search for Perfect Pressure

  • User Name: TippyStatue
  • Issue: Similar pairing issues plagued this user.
  • Solution: The user rummaged through their junk drawer and found some 312 batteries which worked perfectly for applying pressure to the earbuds inside the closed charging pod. This was after failed attempts with tape and paper.
  • Outcome: This provided the perfect amount of pressure and helped the user reset their earbuds successfully.

Case Study 3: The Desperation for a Solution

  • User Name: Slight-Wing6022
  • Issue: This user was unable to reset their earbuds using the commonly recommended methods.
  • Solution: They ended up putting the earbuds in and out of the case several times while searching for available devices on their phone. Eventually, the earbuds popped up and paired.
  • Outcome: The user found this method weird but effective in resolving their earbud issues.

Case Study 4: The Quest for Correct Instructions

  • User Name: Ferg_TradeWarrior
  • Issue: This user was frustrated due to the lack of clear instructions on the official website or manual.
  • Solution: After finding the shared solution, the user applied pressure on the earbuds using soft materials inside the closed charging pod.
  • Outcome: The user was amazed when the provided solution worked, resolving the sync issues and making them happy again. They emphasized the need for better support and clear instructions on Raycon’s official platform.

Case Study 5: The Desperation and Relief

  • User Name: Nightrraven
  • Issue: The user was very worried as their warranty had expired, and they were struggling with the syncing issue.
  • Solution: Using cut-up pieces of silicone to apply pressure inside the charging pod, the user managed to reset the earbuds successfully.
  • Outcome: The user was immensely relieved and thankful, emphasizing the lifesaving aspect of the shared solution, especially after the warranty period had ended.

Case Study 6: The Battle with “Pairing Mode”

  • User Name: IMF73
  • Issue: The user had their Raycons stuck in “pairing mode” and couldn’t connect them to their Android phone.
  • Solution: The user tried connecting the Raycons to a computer and they connected successfully. They then reset the network settings on their Android phone and managed to pair the earbuds to the phone.
  • Outcome: This user highlighted a potential solution for those who think they need to factory reset their Raycons while using an Android phone, emphasizing the importance of trying to connect to a different device first.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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