How to Pair Jabra Earbuds to Any Device

Updated on: December 22, 2023

Have you ever had trouble connecting your earbuds to your phone or computer? We use earbuds a lot these days, whether for listening to music, making calls, or just enjoying some quiet time. But sometimes, setting them up with our devices can be tricky. In this guide, we’ll make things easy. We’re focusing on Jabra earbuds, known for their great sound and cool features. I’ll show you, step by step, how to connect them to any device, whether it’s your phone, laptop, or tablet. Don’t worry if you’re not great with technology; this guide is simple and clear. Plus, I’ll share some tips on what to do if things don’t go as planned. Let’s get started and make sure you can enjoy your music or calls without any hassle!

Here’s a guide to connect these earbuds and troubleshoot any pairing problems.

Quick Answer: Here’s how you can connect your Jabra earbuds to any device.
Android: Turn on Jabra Earbuds> Open Android Device Settings> Turn On Bluetooth> Tap on your earbuds when detected.
iOS: Turn on Jabra Earbuds> Go to iOS device Settings> Turn on Bluetooth> Tap on your earbuds when detected.
PC/Windows: Put Earbuds in pairing mode>Go to PC settings> Bluetooth & Devices> Toggle on Bluetooth> Click on your Jabra earbuds’ name when detected.
MacBook: Put earbuds in Pairing mode> Apple Menu> System Preferences> Bluetooth> Click on your earbuds name.


Things to Do Before Pairing Jabra Earbuds:

  1. Ensure your Jabra earbuds are charged.
  2. If the earbuds don’t turn on automatically upon removal from the case, press the button on the backside to turn them on.
  3. Upon turning on, the earbuds will connect to the last paired device.

How To Put Jabra Earbuds In Pairing Mode

Different Jabra earbud models have various methods for entering pairing mode. Here’s how you can do it.
Jabra Elite 3, Elite 3 Active, Elite 4, Elite 5, Elite 7 Sport, Elite 2, Elite 7 Active, Elite 85t, Jabra Elite 7 Pro, Jabra Connect 5t and the Elite Active 75t:
Here’s how you can put these Jabra Earbuds models in pairing mode.

  1. Turn on the earbuds by removing them from the case, or manually turn them on by pressing the multi-purpose button at the backside of the earbuds.
  2. Next, press the multi-purpose button on the backside of both earbuds simultaneously for about three seconds.
  3. Wait until the LED on the earbuds starts flashing Blue; it means your earbuds are now in pairing mode.

Jabra Earbuds with Adapter

Some Jabra earbuds come with an adapter, which helps connect the earbuds to a source via USB-A or USB-C port. All you need to do is turn on the Jabra earbuds and put the USB adapter into your computer’s port. Wait until the LED lights on the backside of the earbuds start flashing Blue to indicate that the earbuds are in pairing mode.

Pairing Jabra Earbuds to Android/iPhone

Pairing Jabra Earbuds to Android/iPhone

Pairing Jabra Earbuds with Android or iOS devices is straightforward.  Here are the steps to do so.

  1. Ensure that your Jabra earbuds are sufficiently charged. Turn them on by removing them from the charging case.
  2. Put your Jabra earbuds in pairing mode by pressing the multi-function button at the backside of both earbuds simultaneously.
  3. Open your Android device or iPhone and go to the device’s Settings. 
  4. In Settings, look for the Bluetooth option and toggle it on. Wait for it to search for your Jabra earbuds, and tap on it once you see their name in the list.
  5. Wait for the notification of successful pairing.

Pairing Jabra Earbuds with PC/Windows

Pairing Jabra Earbuds with PC/Windows

These steps will help you connect your Jabra Earbuds to PC/Windows.

  1. Turn on your Jabra earbuds and put them in pairing mode.
  2. Open your PC, click Start on the Taskbar, and go to Windows Settings.
  3. In Settings, search for the option Devices, and from the submenu, locate and click Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth by pressing the Toggle On.
  5. Now, click Bluetooth and let your PC search for your Jabra Earbuds.
  6. When detected, click on your Jabra Earbuds and wait until you hear a notification of successful pairing.

Pairing Jabra Earbuds with MacBook

Pairing Jabra Earbuds with MacBook

Here are the steps to connect Jabra Earbuds to MacBook.

  1. Turn on your Earbuds and put them in pairing mode.
  2. Go to your MacBook, click Apple Menu, and select System Settings.
  3. In the System Settings, locate Bluetooth and Toggle it on.
  4. Allow the Bluetooth to search for Nearby devices, and select your Jabra Earbuds name, as detected.
  5. Wait until you hear the notification for a successful pairing.

Troubleshooting Jabra Earbuds Pairing Problems

It’s common to encounter pairing problems with Jabra earbuds. To solve these issues, follow these troubleshooting steps. Here’s a list of troubleshooting steps to fix the pairing issues.

Unpair/Forget Other Devices:

Jabra earbuds may have pairing issues if previously connected to another device. So, before pairing your earbuds with a new source, it’s best to unpair these earbuds from all the other devices for smooth connectivity.

Power Cycling:

Sometimes, power cycling can resolve the pairing issue. All you need to do is to turn off both your devices, i.e., Jabra earbuds and the audio source device, and let it rest for a minute or two. Restart both devices and try to connect your earbuds to the device to see if the problem is resolved.

Update Firmware:

If your Jabra earbuds are not pairing with your device, try to update the firmware. The problem might be because of the outdated firmware or a firmware bug. Here are the steps to help you update the firmware.

  1. Download and install the Jabra Sound+ app if you don’t have it already.
  2. Launch the app, but before that, ensure that your earbuds are connected to the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth.
  3. Let the app detect your earbuds and select them once you see their name on the screen.
  4. Check for Updates if available under your Jabra earbuds model and install them.
  5. Wait for the updates to complete, restart your Jabra earbuds, and try to pair them with the device to see if the pairing issue is solved.

Factory Reset Jabra Earbuds:

If nothing else works, you can try resetting your Jabra earbuds to factory settings. The factory reset steps differ from one model to another; here’s a list of factory reset methods for some Jabra earbuds models.

Jabra earbuds ModelFactory Reset Steps

Jabra Elite 75t and 85t
With earbuds in the charging case and the lid open, press the button at the backside for 15 seconds until the LED on the case flashes purple.
Elite SportPut earbuds in the case and leave the lid open. Press and hold the button on the left earbud for 3 seconds until you see a red flashing light. Repeat this step for the right earbud.
Elite Active 65t and Elite 65tWith earbuds in the case with an open lid, press and hold the button at the back of both earbuds for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes Purple.
Jabra Evolve 65tWith earbuds in the case with an open lid, press and hold the buttons on both earbuds simultaneously until the LED flashes Purple.

Keep the Device in Connectivity Range:

Try to keep the earbuds closer to the device you are pairing them with. It’ll help in faster and smoother pairing.

User Problems and Solutions Regarding Jabra Earbuds

Based on various Platfomrs, users have encountered several challenges with their Jabra earbuds. Here’s a summary of the issues and their potential solutions:

  1. Pairing with Only One Earbud
    • Problem: Users lost one of their earbuds and struggled to pair the remaining one with their device.
    • Solution: According to JabraSupport, it’s not possible to enter pairing mode using only one earbud for models like the Jabra Elite 3. However, for the Jabra 75T, user Spokane37 provided a workaround that involves pressing and holding the Multi-function button on the right earbud until it flashes blue.
  2. Connecting Jabra Elite 65t to Mac
    • Problem: Jabra_Elite_user had difficulty pairing their Jabra Elite 65t with a MacBook Air.
    • Solution: The user provided a step-by-step guide that involves turning off Bluetooth on the smartphone, opening Bluetooth Preferences on the MacBook, and pressing the multitask button on the right earbud until it flashes blue.
  3. Pairing Fresh Out of the Box
    • Problem: A user had issues pairing their Jabra Elite 3 right out of the box.
    • Solution: The user found that holding the buttons before removing the earbuds from the case allowed them to enter pairing mode. Another solution involved resetting the earbuds by pressing and holding both buttons until the LEDs flash purple.
  4. Connecting Two Different Buds
    • Problem: User da_trevster wondered if it’s possible to connect two different earbuds from different sets.
    • Solution: JabraSupport stated that they do not support or recommend trying to connect two different earbuds. However, user crispyslife mentioned that it’s possible to reset the earbuds together and create a new ‘digital handshake’ to pair them.
  5. Earbuds Not Entering Pairing Mode
    • Problem: A user couldn’t get their Jabra 75t earbuds to enter pairing mode.
    • Solution: JabraSupport provided a detailed guide on how to pair the earbuds with a mobile device, which involves pressing and holding both earbud buttons until the LED on the right earbud flashes blue.
  6. Issues with Single Earbud Pairing
    • Problem: Users like harrilamb and da_trevster lost one earbud and wanted to know if they could pair the remaining one.
    • Solution: JabraSupport reiterated that for certain models, it’s not possible to enter pairing mode with just one earbud. However, some users mentioned workarounds, such as holding the button on the remaining earbud until it enters pairing mode.
  7. Volume and Audio Issues
    • Problem: A user experienced issues with the volume and audio quality of their Jabra 75t earbuds.
    • Solution: it’s advisable to reach out to Jabra’s official support for troubleshooting and potential fixes.

Final Words

Jabra earbuds are a great choice, though pairing them initially might seem daunting. You can easily pair your Jabra earbuds to a device by following the steps in the correct order. However, what may seem straightforward could sometimes lead to connectivity problems.

If you are facing pairing issues, you must troubleshoot to pinpoint and solve the problem. Simply put, charging the Jabra earbuds sufficiently, keeping them closer to an audio source, updating the firmware, or factory resetting can help resolve pairing problems.

If you’ve tried Bose earbuds before and found the pairing process easier, you might find our guide on how to connect Bose earbuds useful for comparison.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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