Raycon Everyday Earbuds (Raycon E25) Review

Updated on: September 24, 2023

Raycon has been noticed to emerge as a new audio manufacturer, promising to provide great quality earbuds for everyday use. However, the quality of these earbuds remains enigmatic to many. So, continue reading if you want to purchase Raycon everyday earbuds and need an honest review about whether you should purchase this product.

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Basic Features of Raycon Everyday Earbuds

FeatureRaycon Everyday Earbuds
Battery Life (earbuds)8 hours
Battery Life (case)24 hours
Dust ResistanceIPX6
Water ResistanceIPX6
Active Noise CancellationNo
Charging PortUSB-C
Companion AppNo
Multiple Devices ConnectivityNo
Extra Gel TipsYes
Microphone Yes

Are Raycon Everyday Earbuds Worth It?

Let’s discuss the features in detail and determine if the Raycon Everyday Earbuds are worth purchasing.

Design and Comfort:

raycon everday earbuds design

First, let’s talk about the design and comfort of these earbuds. The overall build quality of the Raycon earbuds is all right. The case is made of plastic, which is quite small and can fit easily inside the pocket. One of the design features I liked is the small handle on the case, which helps the user hang the case of the earbuds with a bag using a thread or carabiner easily.

The outside of the case is hard and durable but cannot sustain major drops. I did a drop test on these earbuds, dropping them on three floors, i.e., concrete, grass, and sand, from four to five feet to check their sturdiness. The earbuds remain unharmed; however, the material can’t take these falls several times.

In addition, these earbuds have an advertised water resistance of IPX6, which means they are splash and sweat-proof. To reassure these, I tested these earbuds in the rain and during sports, where they remained unharmed. 

Furthermore, the earbuds are ergonomically designed and have the perfect snug fit for the ears. They come with extra gel tips to fit different users’ ears. I did a shake test on these earbuds to see if they fall out easily, and to my surprise, the earbuds came off only after rigorous head shaking. However, the gel tips start to wear off faster than other earbuds’ silicon tips.

Battery Life and Bluetooth:

Another important factor is the earbuds’ battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. Without the case, the advertised battery life of these earbuds is about 8 hours. However, for audios above 50% volume in your battery life test, the battery life is reduced to only 6 hours.

Furthermore, Raycon earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0, which is great for wireless connectivity but doesn’t have a great connectivity range; additionally, when it is in a vicinity with many obstructions, the signals would be weaker, and audio would continue to lag.

Mic Quality:

The mic of the Raycon Everyday earbuds is advertised to have crystal clear audio and for hands-free calling. To check the quality, I tested the Raycon Everyday earbuds mic in indoor and outdoor settings. The mic quality was pretty decent indoors; however, in outdoor settings, the mic could use some noise cancellation feature to cut out the sounds in the background.


These earbuds have a great IPX6 rating for splash and sweat resistance, which I tested out to be true. In addition, the design is quite ergonomic with a snug fit, which keeps the earbuds secure inside the ears. It comes with extra get tips to fit the ear size of different users.

Furthermore, the earbuds case supports wireless charging, which is great for outdoor settings. It’s designed to block some of the audio in the surroundings; however, it doesn’t have an active noise cancellation feature to completely block the audio in the surroundings or any sensor to auto-pause/play music as the earbuds are removed from the ears. You can control the audio playback from the button at the backside of the earbuds. Here are multiple commands to control the music on your Raycon Everyday earbuds.

Volume downPress once on the Left earbud
Volume UpPress once on the Right earbud
Play/PausePress twice on the Left/Right earbud
Previous songPress three times on the Left Earbud
Next SongPress three times on the Right Earbud
Activate Voice AssistantPress four times on the Left/Right Earbud
Change EQ modeHold the Left earbud button for 1.5 s.
Power OnHold the button on both earbuds for 2 seconds
Power OffHold the button on both earbuds for 10 seconds

Audio Quality:

Raycon earbuds claim to provide vivid audio quality with decent bass, mids, and trebles. It has three preset audio settings or EQ Profiles, i.e., Bass Boost, Pure Sound, and Balanced Sound, to fit the needs of all types of listeners. However, as I performed an audio performance test, the sound quality of these earbuds was not up to the mark. The audio quality was similar to cheap earbuds with a pricier tag.

The bass value is too high, affecting the mids and trebles and meddling with audio clarity. The mids are not clear or understandable, and if you raise the volume to get clear mids, the trebles or high-frequency audio notes would pierce through your ear.  

Comparing Raycon Everyday Earbuds with Other Raycon Models

FeatureRaycon Everyday EarbudsRaycon Fitness EarbudsRaycon Gaming Earbuds
Battery Life (earbuds)8 hours12 hours (ANC off)6 hours
Battery Life (case)24 hours56 hours 31 hours
Dust ResistanceIPX6IPX7IPX5
Water ResistanceIPX6IPX7IPX5
Active Noise CancellationNoYesNo
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-CUSB-C
EqualizerThree preset settings, Not customizableThree preset settings, Not customizableThree preset settings, Not customizable
Companion AppNoNoNo
Multiple Devices ConnectivityNoNoNo
Extra Gel TipsYesYes (3 sets)Yes( 4 sets)
Microphone YesYesYes
Active Noise CancellationNoYesNo

Comparing the three different Raycon earbuds and testing them out, I have observed that the audio is no different for all three sets. The audio quality is still challenging to Raycon, where the bass is muffled and muddy, mids lack clarity, and high-frequency audios are too loud or piercing. 

As advertised, the battery life is great for each pair; however, the battery life drained faster with Active noise cancellation turned on in fitness earbuds and above 50% volume in Fitness earbuds. The earbuds have gel tips for a perfect, snug fit for different users and have tested and approved water/splash resistance. 

However, among the other pairs, the Fitness earbuds are better, as they do all right in the Balanced audio mode, have an Active Noise cancellation feature, excellent battery life, and come with better water and dust resistance.

Better Alternatives For Raycon Everyday Earbuds

FeaturesRaycon Everyday EarbudsJabra Elite 3Anker Soundcore Space A40JBL Vibe Beam
Battery Life (earbuds)8 hours7 hours 8 hours6 hours
Battery Life (case)24 hours28 hours32 hours18 hours
Dust ResistanceIPX6IP55IPX5IPX5
Water ResistanceIPX6IP55 Sweat and water resistanceIPX5IPX5
Active Noise CancellationNoNoYes (hybrid)No
EqualizerThree preset settings, Not customizableYes, Customizable Via appYes, Customizable Via appYes, Customizable Via app
Companion AppNoJabra Sound + AppJBL headphones appSoundcore App
Multiple Devices ConnectivityNoYes (Up to two devices)Yes (Up to two devices)Yes (Up to two devices)
Extra Gel TipsYesNoNoNo
Microphone YesYesYesYes

According to this comparison and my testing, the Raycon Everyday earbuds could be easily replaced with any of the three options mentioned above. Each has an excellent audio quality with features far better than Raycon earbuds. Furthermore, these earbuds stood their ground in all types of durability and audio tests and are available in similar or lesser budgets with more value.

Final Words

Overall, Raycon Everyday earbuds may seem a great deal in the price range. However, the quality isn’t worth the money that you’re paying. These earbuds have a lightweight, easy-to-carry design with a comfortable, snug fit that sustained my shake test without falling off. However, the audio quality is a complete turndown. It won’t make much difference even if you try to switch between the audio preset modes.

In addition, the real-time battery life may also fluctuate depending on the volume level and the activated features. So, if you want quality earbuds on this budget, you may choose one of the abovementioned alternatives to get your money’s worth.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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