How To Reset UE MegaBlast: Troubleshooting Guide

Updated on: December 12, 2023

Ultimate Ears MegaBlast Bluetooth speaker is renowned for its audio quality, sturdiness, and portability. However, like any other electronic gadget, you may face several problems with this speaker. One of the easiest ways to resolve most problems is resetting the speaker. 

Here’s a guide on how to reset the MegaBlast speaker and when you should do it.

Quick Answer: Press the volume down (-), Volume Up (+), and small action/Bluetooth button for a few seconds. Next, press the power button to turn the speaker back on and adjust the audio settings.

Glitchy Audio

One of the reasons you might need to reset your MegaBlast is when the audio keeps cutting out, or you experience glitchy audio even though your audio connection seems just fine.

Not Connecting to Source

Another problem with your Ultimate Ears MegaBlast could be the speaker not connecting to the source. There are several reasons behind this issue, like the problem with the streaming platform, Bluetooth not being turned on, and devices not being in connectivity range; however, if everything else seems fine, you need to try resetting your MegaBlast Speaker. 

No Audio

If you’re experiencing no audio output from your MegaBlast speaker despite adjusting all the volume settings and connection setup, you can try resetting the speaker to resolve the problem.

Software Glitches

Software malware can cause several problems in your MegaBlast speaker. So, if you feel that the software is compromised or a virus is causing the software to malfunction, it’s time that you perform a factory reset. 

Speaker Freezing

One possible reason to consider resetting your MegaBlast is if the speaker occasionally freezes. This issue could be related to the streaming platform or a poor internet connection. If you’ve ruled out these factors and the problem persists, resetting your speaker may be a solution worth trying.

Not Charging

If your MegaBlast is not charging, there could be several reasons, including a depleted battery, a broken or damaged charger, or the power outlet not working. However, if everything else seems fine, you can try a factory reset to resolve the problem.

Not Turning On

MegaBlast not turning on is another problem that you may face. Several reasons could contribute to this problem, like a low battery, depleted speaker batteries, or a broken power button. However, resetting the speaker may resolve the problem if everything seems right.

Here’s how you can reset your Ultimate Ears MegaBlast speaker.

  1. Turn on your speaker by pressing the power button and ensure that the speaker is sufficiently charged.
  2. Locate the Volume Up (+), Volume Down (-), and small action/Bluetooth button on the speaker.
  3. Press these buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the reset is complete, and the speaker turns off.
  4. Next, turn the speaker back on. 

If your Ultimate Ears MegaBlast speaker isn’t working even after a factory reset, you need to follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

Firmware Update

It’s recommended to update the firmware version of the MegaBlast even after resetting it. Here are the steps to update your speaker’s firmware.

  1. Download the Ultimate Ears App if you don’t have already.
  2. Make sure that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Turn on the speaker and let the app detect it.
  3. Once the speaker is connected, tap on the Setting icon, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and press “Check For Updates.”
  4. Tap on Install Updates to get the firmware updated. 
  5. Restart the speaker after the updates are successfully installed.

Volume Settings

If your speaker still does not give any audio output even after resetting, you need to check the volume level of the speaker. Try checking whether your streaming platform is working correctly and producing the audio. 

Keep the Devices In Connectivity Range

If your MegaBlast speaker keeps delivering glitchy audio, or the audio cuts out occasionally, even after resetting the speaker. Try to keep the devices closer to each other and in the connectivity range. Turn off all Bluetooth devices in the same room to avoid signal interference.

Streaming Platform Issue

One of the reasons behind the audio being cut off or being unable to play could be the problem with the streaming platform. If you’re using a platform that requires an internet connection, unstable internet signals can cause the audio to pause, resulting in an audio cut out. So, try switching to other streaming apps or audio sources to fix the issue.

Depleted Battery

Depleted Battery in UE MegaBlast

Suppose your MegaBlast speaker is not turning on or keeps turning off after short intervals, even after a factory reset. The problem might be with the batteries. Overusing or overcharging the speaker may result in a depleted battery, which can result in this problem. Contact customer service to help you with this problem.

Not Charged Enough

If your speaker is not turning on and keeps turning off, even after successfully resetting it, it might be because the speaker is not charged enough. Turn the speaker off and put it in charge to solve the problem.

Broken/Damaged Charging Cable

If your Ultimate Ears MegaBlast speaker is not charging, it could be because of a broken or damaged charging cable, adapter, or power outlet. Try replacing the charger if required to fix the problem.

Having a Bluetooth speaker is a great privilege, as it’s easier to carry and good for camping and road trips, picnics, and small outdoor gatherings. However, like any other device, you may encounter problems with your MegaBlast speaker. Factory resetting the speaker will resolve most of the problems.

However, if the problem seems unsettled even after resetting, you need to follow the correct steps of troubleshooting to solve the issue. 

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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