5 Best JBL Earbuds of 2023

Updated on: September 16, 2023

JBL is a renowned audio manufacturer that has gained prominence over the years for producing high-quality, sturdy, and durable audio products. The JBL earbuds are no exception. The JBL earbuds deliver high-quality audio and are also great for outdoor use for their sturdiness. 

However, among all the lines of JBL earbuds, choosing the best one according to your budget could be daunting. You need to consider multiple factors before choosing the earbuds. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best JBL earbuds of 2023, helping you choose the perfect pair based on various criteria.

How to Choose the Best JBL Earbuds?

  • Usability: The first essential aspect to consider before choosing a pair is usability. If you’re a person who stays outdoors most of the time, you must get one that is designed to stand outdoor use, is sweat and water-resistant, dust-resistant, and has a long battery life to continue working without frequent charging. You may choose one for indoor use based on the audio quality only. In addition, if you use your earbuds for sports activities, you need to get one with the best and most comfortable fit so they don’t drop or break during your workout. All in all, the first thing you must consider is how you will use your earbuds. If you’re new to JBL earbuds and wondering how to pair them, check out our step-by-step guide on how to pair JBL earbuds.
  • Design and Sturdiness: JBL is known for its rugged design, sturdiness, and timeless look. However, before picking the earbuds, you must consider the comfort, ergonomic design, and build quality to get your hands on the best one. 
  • Audio Quality and Sound Signature: Audio quality is another important factor to consider before choosing one. The JBL audio devices mostly have a heavy bass audio signature. However, you must check the audio performance of the earbuds before purchasing. 
  • Features: JBL earbuds have multiple features, including voice assistants, dust and water resistance, built-in mic, touch-sensitive controls, hands-free control, multiple device connectivity, and long battery life. Furthermore, you may also want to check the accessories that come with the earbuds, such as the carry case and extra ear tips. If you ever run into issues with your earbuds, knowing how to reset your JBL earbuds can be a lifesaver.
  • Price: Price is another crucial factor when selecting a pair of JBL earbuds. You need to set your budget according to the features and quality of your desired earbuds. However, you’ll also find some decent options at an economical price if you have a tight budget. 

Top JBL Earbuds Recommendations for 2023

JBL Tour Pro 2 True Wireless Earbuds (Best Overall)

At JBL Website

JBL Tour Pro 2 True Wireless Earbuds
  • Noise Cancellation and 6-mic technology: If you’re looking for a pair of all-in-one JBL earbuds with every quality and feature, JBL Tour Pro 2 is the one for you. It stands out as the Best JBL earbuds in general. It has gained popularity in no time for its Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, which makes it easier to take calls and enjoy music even in louder workplaces. It adjusts the level of noise cancellation according to the surroundings. It has a 6-mic technology, which contributes to crystal clear calling and hands-free control.
  • Smartcase: Furthermore, you can access multiple controls without taking your phone out of your pocket, only with the help of these earbuds’ smartcases. The smartcase has a 1.45-inch screen display, where you can see the caller’s name, access basic audio controls, and other key earbuds features.
  • Audio Quality: Equipped with high-quality 10mm sound drivers, these earbuds produce an immersive audio experience. It delivers clear bass, mids, and trebles with heavy bass audio content support.
  • Design language: JBL is known for its rugged design, which makes the products durable for a long time; these earbuds have similar features. These earbuds have a sturdy build and an ergonomic design simultaneously, making them wearable for extended hours at work. It comes with three extra ear tips to adjust the ear size of different users.
  • Features: JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds have several features that make it stand out. It supports JBL spatial sound, providing an immersive listening experience making you feel like you’re in a theater. The proprietary sound technology behind this feature creates an effect as the sound comes from everywhere.
  • It also has voice assistant integration for hands-free control, an IPX5 rating for dust and water resistance, a USB-C charging port for fast charging, and Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless connectivity without disruption.
  • It has 40 hours of battery life with one complete charge with the case. Without the case, the earbuds’ battery life varies depending on the Active Noise Cancellation Feature; when Active Noise Cancellation is Turned ON, the earbuds last for 8 hours, and with the Active Noise Cancellation feature turned OFF, the battery life of earbuds can go upto 10 hours. 


  1. Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation.
  2. Spatial audio feature.
  3. IPX5 rating.
  4. Smart case with 1.45-inch display for easy controls.
  5. Voice Assistants integration.
  6. Long battery life of up to 40 hours.
  7. USB-C Charging port.
  8. Three pairs of ear tips.
  9. Rugged design.


  1. Expensive.

JBL Vibe Beam (Best Budget-Friendly Option)

JBL Vibe Beam

Getting every feature in your earbuds under a limited budget is daunting. However, JBL Vibe Beam is the one stand-out budget-friendly pair of earbuds where you can find most of the amazing features.

  • Design Language: The JBL Vibe Beam earbuds are lightweight and excellent for long working hours. The design is sturdy and has an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, making it great for outdoor use. You can even use them for gym activities because of their comfortable, ergonomic, and fitting design, preventing them from falling.
  • Audio Quality: These earbuds feature JBL’s signature heavy bass audio with 8mm drivers. The mids are balanced, and the sound delivery is neutral. However, over-emphasizing the trebles/high-frequency audio notes makes some audio content and instruments sound harsh.
  • Features: JBL Vibe Beam earbuds have a battery life of 24 hours (with the case), a complete charging time of 2 hours, and a maximum playtime of 8 hours without the case. It features Bluetooth 5.2, which has excellent connectivity range and lag-free audio signal transmission. 
  • It blocks some of the sounds in the surroundings; however, noise cancellation is not an active feature of these earbuds. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option with a Noise Cancellation feature, you may choose JBL Vibe 100 TWS True Wireless earbuds.
  • Alongside the dust and water resistance IP54 certification of the earbuds, the case of the earbuds also has an IPX2 rating, which means the case remains safe from water splashes. The earbuds have a built-in microphone for hands-free control and taking calls.
  • Finally, the earbuds have a USB-C Charging port for faster earbuds charging and Smart Ambient Technology to allow you to pause or slow down the music or audio of the earbuds to keep you aware of the surroundings. It has a companion app with an equalizer to adjust the sound’s bass, mids, and trebles as required.


  1. Bluetooth 5.2.
  2. Battery life of up to 24 hours.
  3. Heavy bass sound signature.
  4. IP54 rating of earbuds and IPX2 for the charging case.
  5. Faster charging.
  6. Smart Ambient Technology.
  7. Budget-friendly.
  8. Companion app and Equalizer.


  1. The high-frequency audio could get harsh and piercing.
  2. Doesn’t have an active noise-cancellation feature.

JBL Tune Buds (Mid-range Earbuds)


JBL Tune Buds

For those who don’t want entry-level JBL earbuds but need more budget for high-end options, the JBL Tune Series earbuds are a great middle-ground choice. There are many options in the JBL Tune earbuds product line; however, JBL Tune Buds stand out as the mid-range earbuds with maximum features and benefits.

  • Audio Quality: These earbuds have an immersive audio delivery with 10mm sound drivers. These earbuds have a heavy bass audio signature with clear mids and trebles. The earbuds cover almost all frequency audio without a glitch. 
  • Active Noise Cancellation: These earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation and Smart Ambient technology to provide isolation from unnecessary noises. It has 4-mic technology for clear audio delivery during calls and easy audio detection for Voice assistants. 
  • Design: These earbuds have a comfortable design for extended use and a sturdy build for longer durability. It has an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, making it great for outdoor use. The earbuds fit perfectly without coming off time and again.
  • Features: These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.3, which is by far the latest and fastest for wireless connectivity. It allows the stream to synchronize audio to each earbud separately without lag or delay. Furthermore, it has voice assistant integration, Active Noise Cancellation, Smart Ambient Technology, IP54 rating, and a USB-C charging port for faster charging.
  • These earbuds have a battery life of up to 48 hours, where the maximum playtime of earbuds with ANC off is 12 hours and 10 hours with ANC on. You can charge the earbuds from the case multiple times, up the total battery life to 48 hours.


  1. Bluetooth 5.3
  2. IP54 dust and water resistance.
  3. Integrated voice assistants.
  4. JBL Signature heavy bass audio.
  5. Active Noise Cancellation and Smart Ambient Technology.
  6. 4-mic technology for crystal clear calling. 


  1. The earbuds fitting could be a problem for different-sized ears.
  2. The ANC needs improvement.

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS (Most Rugged Design With Talkthru Technology) 

JBL Live Pro 2 TWS

Another high-end JBL earbuds option with the most sturdy design and active noise cancellation can block out sounds as loud as rumbling engines. 

  • Audio Quality: These earbuds have an amazing sound signature with deep, punchy bass and balanced mids and trebles. With its powerful 11mm dynamic drivers, these earbuds can produce an immersive audio experience, making you feel in the middle of the theater. The audio signature of these earbuds is most suited for Pop and Rock music; however, with the Equalizer in the companion app, you can tune down the bass, mids, and trebles as desired.
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient Technology: These earbuds have an adaptive noise canceling feature, which adjusts the noise cancellation level according to the environment’s sounds, and the Smart Ambient Technology keeps you aware of what’s happening around you. It also has 6-mic technology for crystal clear calling and voice assistant commands.
  • Design Language: These earbuds’ material and build quality are quite sturdy, with oval silicone tips to fit in your ear. However, the fitting can sometimes come loose, and the earbuds keep popping out of the ears. So, if you’re looking for something more befitting and comfortable, the JBL Live Pro+ are similar earbuds with similar features and better fitting. 
  • Features: These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.2, multiple connections at a time, which means you can connect them to two different devices simultaneously. They have a battery life of up to 40 hours with the case, whereas the earbuds alone have a 10-hour playback time with ANC off. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and voice assistant commands and has touch-sensitive controls. Finally, these earbuds have an IPX5 rating for dust and water resistance.


  1. Bluetooth 5.2.
  2. IP54 rating.
  3. Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Ambient technology.
  4. Signature JBL heavy bass audio.
  5. Up to 40 hours of battery life.
  6. Voice assistants and touch-sensitive controls.


  1. The earbuds fitting is loose.
  2. It needs to be more comfortable.

JBL Endurance Race TWS (Best For Sports)

JBL Endurance Race TWS

For gym and sports lovers who are audiophiles, too, the JBL Endurance Race TWS earbuds are the perfect choice.

  • Audio Quality: These earbuds have 6mm dynamic sound drivers, which deliver rich, bassy audio with decent mids and trebles. The audio, however, can be tweaked using the Equalizer of the companion app. 
  • Design Language and Comfort: These earbuds have the most sturdy and ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort during gym activities. In addition, the earbuds fit perfectly in the ears with the enhanced earbuds wings, preventing them from falling and breaking during sports, providing better seal and stability. 
  • The product is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance, which makes it great for outdoor applications without damage.
  • Features: These earbuds feature clear audio delivery, voice assistants, Bluetooth 5.2, and a 30-hour battery life with 10 hours of earbuds and 20 hours with the charging case. It has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, smart ambient awareness, and Talkthru, a Built-in microphone, and USB-C for faster charging.


  1. Sturdy design.
  2. IP67 rating.
  3. Bluetooth 5.2.
  4. Integrated Voice Assistants.
  5. Thirty hours maximum battery life.
  6. Comfortable and snuggled fitting.


  1. No active noise cancellation.
  2. The sensor may mistake water for touch.

Final Words

JBL offers several lines of earbuds for multiple uses and purposes; however, you may choose one that fits your criteria and usability. Most JBL earbuds have a balanced sound with a heavy bass audio signature, which you can customize using the Equalizer in the companion app. If you’re still on the fence about choosing JBL over other brands, our comprehensive comparison between JBL and Bose might help you make an informed decision.

Before purchasing, go through the criteria for choosing the best JBL earbuds, set your priorities, and then check the top-recommended options above to find one that fits your criteria. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for in the list above. However, if you don’t, you can still find the perfect pair by following the guidelines in this buying guide.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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