JBL 720BT or JBL 770NC: Which Headphone Should You Buy?

Updated on: October 20, 2023

JBL is renowned for producing quality audio products, including headphones. Two of JBL’s famous headphones are JBL Tune 720BT and 770NC. Each of these headphones has its own unique features that make it stand out. However, if you want to find the best one, you need to compare the features of both headphones in detail. 

My Verdict: JBL 720BT Vs. 770NC

In my opinion, JBL Tune 770NC is a better option, as it has a comfortable design with an adjustable headband, making it easier to adjust the headphones according to the size of the user’s head. It also features plush cushions inside the earcups for added comfort. However, some users might find the size a bit small.

In addition, it has a long battery life, as per my testing, which can go up to 80 hours with ANC off, which means you can go days without charging it. It also has an Active Noise Cancellation feature, which blocks environmental noises to provide an uninterrupted audio experience.

Quick Comparison: JBL 720BT Vs. 770NC

Driver Size40mm40mm
MicrophoneYes (1)Yes(1)
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Charging Time2 hours2 hours
Battery Life70-80 hours (ANC Off)60-70 hours (ANC ON)76-80 hours
AUX inputYesYes
Works without Battery Yes (Via Wired Connection)Yes (Via Wired Connection)
Hands-free callingYesYes
Voice AssistantYesYes
Multi-point connectionYes(2 devices)Yes(2 devices)
Adaptive Noise CancellationYesNo
Ambient AwareYesNo
Voice AwareYesYes

Design, Build, and Comfort:

First, let’s examine the design, build quality, and comfort of the headphones. As overhead headphones are used for longer durations, it is essential to choose a comfortable option.

Both headphones are crafted from quality materials. In a drop test from a height of 4 feet onto a concrete floor, both sustained damage in the first two attempts. In the third drop test, I observed some damage to the outer part of the earcups.

These headphones have plush padded earcups to provide maximum comfort; however, while I tested both headphones, I discovered that the JBL Tune 770 NC earcup is a bit smaller, making it a little uncomfortable for prolonged use. Conversely, while the 720BT has cushy earcups, its non-adjustable headband can be uncomfortable on the crown of the head.

In addition, both earbuds have a foldable design, making them easy to carry and more portable.

Sound Quality:

The JBL 720BT has a V-shaped sound signature with decent bass delivery, instrument separation, mids, and trebles. However, the JBL 720BT sounds slightly piercing at higher volumes.

On the other hand, in a similar sound test, I observed that the sound quality of 770NC has an amazing frequency response, which allows it to deliver great bass, mids, and clear trebles. The audio, however, is not as loud as 720BT, which can be a little off-putting. Another thing that I noticed about this pair of headphones is they would deliver the audio in its original frequency notes instead of altering it according to its hardware and frequency range.

In addition, JBL 770NC has active noise cancellation, which cuts out the noise in the surroundings, providing a better listening experience.

So, although JBL 720BT makes louder audio with decent bass, mids, and trebles, because of its malfunctioning at higher volume, JBL 770NC makes a better alternative. 

Microphone Quality:

Both the headphones come with a microphone, which allows the user to attend calls and even use the Voice Assistant feature in 770NC. I tested the mic quality of the headphones indoors and outdoors to see which one was better.

In the indoor microphone testing, both the headphones had quality audio while recording and taking calls. However, the JBL 720BT seemed more disrupted in the outdoor mic testing because of the ambient noises. On the contrary, the JBL 770NC, because of its active noise cancellation, worked out well by suppressing the sounds of buses, wind, and engines effectively.

Battery Life:

Now, let’s talk about the battery life of both headphones to see which one lasts longer. The advertised battery life of JBL 720BT is 76 hours with a single charge. However, I tested playing music on it with a volume of about 50% and observed that the headphones worked for 80 hours for 100-50% charging.

However, as I turned off the headphones and turned them back on, the battery moved down 20%, which could be a problem.

Whereas in the similar fair testing, where all the other factors remained the same, with ANC off, the 770NC lasted for about 70 hours. The battery life lasted 44 hours for similar conditions and ANC ON. However, the battery didn’t drop drastically after turning the headphones off and back on.

Bluetooth and Connection Types:

Both headphones feature Bluetooth 5.3, providing lag-free audio, faster signal transmission, and a better connectivity range.

In addition, they have a USB-C charging port for faster charging of the headphones. Both 720BT and 770NC have AUX input, allowing the user to connect the headphones with any audio source via AUX cable. This connection is great because it’ll allow you to enjoy music even when the headphones’ battery is low.

Active Features:

Both headphones have a microphone for hands-free calling, and Voice Assistant commands feature faster charging via a USB-C port. These headphones have a flat-foldable design, making them easier to carry in the bag. They also come with an AUX input, making it easier to connect the headphones with any audio source that doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, these headphones have a companion app with several controls for the headphones and an equalizer that allows you to adjust the mids, bass, and trebles as desired. There are some available audio presets, too, which you can choose to adjust the audio as desired.

JBL Tune 720BT has a voice-aware feature that allows you to adjust how much of your voice you can hear during the calls. Whereas JBL 770NC has the Ambient Aware and Talkthru feature, allowing you to keep an ear on what’s happening in the surroundings.

In addition, JBL 70NC also has an Active Noise Cancellation feature, which blocks out all unnecessary audio from the background for uninterrupted audio playback or calls.

Final Verdict

Overall, JBL 770 NC is a great headphone choice for anyone, although it comes a little to the pricier side of the JBL headphones; however, it has a great balanced audio signature that delivers the audio in its original recorded frequency. Furthermore, it has great battery life with and without ANC, which doesn’t drop after turning the headphones off and back on.

Many amazing features include Voice assistants, hands-free calling, Active Noise Cancellation with Smart Ambient, and EQ settings to adjust the audio as desired. 

On the other hand, the JBL 720BT is a more economical option, offering a decent audio signature, impressive battery life, voice assistant capabilities, and voice-aware features. However, its battery life is somewhat unpredictable as it tends to drop drastically once it reaches the 50% threshold. Also, the audio may be disturbing and piercing at higher volumes, making it unsuitable for audio loaded with higher frequencies.

It’s a great alternative for 770NC under a budget; however, JBL Tune 770 NC remains the undisputed winner in this comparison.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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