Vizio Soundbar Blinking White Light: Quick Fixes & Tips

Discover quick solutions to fix the flashing white lights on your Vizio Soundbar and enhance your audio experience.

Updated on: October 7, 2023

Is your Vizio Soundbar flashing white lights? This is a signal from your soundbar, indicating an issue or a status update. It’s essential to understand what these lights mean to address any potential problems effectively. In this guide, I will help you decode the flashing white lights on your Vizio Soundbar and provide solutions to common issues. Let’s dive in.
It’s not uncommon for users to encounter issues with their soundbars. You can find some common Vizio Soundbar problems here.

Why is the Vizio Soundbar Flashing White Light?

The saying “The Vizio Soundbar is a spoiled brat,” wouldn’t be wrong in this case, as the white flashing light is just like your soundbar throwing a disco party without any apparent reason, giving you almost a panic attack, for why all of this is happening.

Now, your spoiled brat might be very spoiled, but there are certain reasons behind this behavior. Let’s find out about each one of them in detail.

  • Firmware Update: The firmware update can sometimes be a nuisance, although it means no harm!
    Now, what does this have to do with the flashing white light on the Vizio Soundbar?
    Think about it for a moment, if you can come up with an answer. Anything yet? Well, it can be a reason why your Vizio Soundbar is Flashing White Light! A flashing white light sometimes indicates that a firmware update is going on and will stop automatically after the update is complete. However, if the flashing of white light remains unsolved for a long time, the problem might be something else.
  • Connection issue: Your Vizio soundbar is an attachment freak, so its connection with the audio source must remain intact and sturdy! Sometimes, a connection issue might lead to the sound cutting out intermittently. Learn more about why your Vizio Soundbar keeps cutting out. If there’s a problem with the connection of the Vizio soundbar and the audio source, it will start flashing white light to cry for help. Now, if the first step doesn’t work out for you, you must look into this aspect to determine the issue. 
  • Stuck in Demo Mode: Sometimes, the Vizio soundbar gets depressed and gets stuck in demo mode. If your Vizio soundbar is stuck in the demo mode, it will start flashing white light. 
  • Problem with Settings: If your Vizio soundbar is flashing white light, there could be a problem with the settings. The faulty settings could be recent changes in system configuration. So, if you have made some changes in system configuration, you know exactly where to go to fix this issue.
  • Hardware Issue: The last reason your Vizio Soundbar is flashing white light could be a problem with the hardware by hardware, a problem related to the circuit board of the Vizio soundbar that needs immediate attention.

How to Fix the Flashing White Light Issue?

Vizio Soundbar Blinking White Light fix

You’ve likely diagnosed the problem with your fussy Vizio soundbar flashing a white light. So, what’s next? Sit and pray for the problem to disappear magically.
Do something about it!
I’m sure you can’t wait to dance with the music of your Vizio soundbar, so get up and get to work. It’s time to leave your comfy sofa and get your soundbar back on track.
Pick up your wrench and pliers!
JUST KIDDING! You don’t need those. All you have to do is continue reading.

Fixing the power source:

You might not have anticipated this; however, one sneaky problem that no one ever thinks about could be an ill-fitted power source. If your Vizio soundbar is not correctly plugged into the power source, it will start acting up and flashing a white light. 

So, ensure that the Vizio soundbar is plugged correctly into the power source and that the power source is not faulty either.

Reset the Vizio Soundbar:

A typical IT joke is resetting the product no matter the problem!

Well, the same is true for the Vizio Soundbar Flashing white light. You can fix this problem by resetting the soundbar. Now, you might want to know the steps to reset the Vizio soundbar, so we have jotted them down for you below. Before you start, know that the resetting steps may differ slightly depending on your Vizio soundbar model.

Soft Reset:

  1. Power off the soundbar and unplug the power source.
  2. Now, press the power button for 30 seconds and plug the power cord back.
  3. Restart the soundbar to see if the problem is solved.

You may proceed to the hard reset if your problem is not solved. Here’s how you can hard reset your Vizio soundbar.

  1. Turn on the Vizio soundbar if it’s not on already.
  2. Next, hold the Volume down and Bluetooth button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. 
  3. Keep an eye on the flashlights of the soundbar. Once they flash three times, you’ve successfully reset your Vizio Soundbar.

Your Vizio soundbar should stop flashing white light by now; however, if the problem remains, you may proceed to the next step.

Check For Firmware Updates:

The Vizio Soundbar White lights might be flashing to tell you that a new firmware version is available and needs to be downloaded. So, head to the Vizio website, download the latest firmware available for your Vizio soundbar model, and install it through a USB drive.
Access the settings menu of the soundbar and look for any available updates. 

If this doesn’t work well for you, proceed to the next step for fixing the stubborn Vizio soundbar.

Check the audio connections:

As mentioned earlier, a problem with the audio connection could be why your Vizio soundbar is flashing white light. So, check your cable or Bluetooth connection with the TV or audio source. See if all the cables are plugged in correctly. Suppose you have connected the soundbar to the TV through a Bluetooth connection. You may disconnect and try pairing again.  If you need help with that specific connection, check our guide here.

Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 5-6 seconds. 

See if the cables are correctly plugged in or damaged. If the cables are damaged or faulty, you may change them to fix the problem. 

Exit the Demo mode:

If nothing is working so far, and you have almost given up the idea of getting the same old Vizio soundbar back, then wait!

Don’t lose hope.

The lights might still flash because the soundbar is stuck in the demo mode. So, you only need to exit the demo mode to get the soundbar working again. 

Don’t call the fairies now, For God’s Sake! 

It’s something you can do even with your eyes closed. Just follow the steps given to exit the demo mode. However, before you start, you must remember that these steps may vary depending on the model you’re using, so it’d be best to read the manual to reconfirm the accurate steps for exiting the demo mode.

Now, let’s see the steps.

  1. Use your Vizio Soundbar remote and press the Menu or Setting button on the remote.
  2. Navigate through the Menu to find the option “Demo Mode.”
  3. Now, use the arrow buttons on the remote to Navigate and Disable the demo mode.

You can also exit the demo mode without using the remote. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth and Input buttons for five seconds until the LED lights flash four times. 
  2. This is a sign that the demo mode has been disabled successfully.

Last Stand!

If nothing seems to work, now is the time to get up and contact Vizio Customer Support. There might be a problem with the soundbar hardware or circuit, which you can’t fix until you’re an expert.

Tips for Troubleshooting Vizio Soundbar:

  1. Single Device Pairing: Only pair the soundbar with your primary device to avoid confusion.
  2. Power Stability: Ensure a stable power connection to prevent unexpected resets.
  3. Regular Updates: Keep your soundbar’s firmware updated for optimal performance.
  4. Check Connections: Ensure all cables and connections are secure and free from damage.
  5. Avoid Demo Mode: Ensure the soundbar isn’t accidentally set to demo mode.
  6. Remote Batteries: Replace remote batteries regularly to maintain responsiveness.
  7. Factory Reset: Use this as a last resort, as it will erase your personalized settings.

Fix your Vizio Soundbar!

If you’ve reached here, you must have diagnosed the problem with your Vizio Soundbar flashing white light and would know how to solve this problem. The flashing white light is not just a mood tantrum of your soundbar, there could be many reasons behind this problem, and if you have followed the article without skipping, you may feel like a tech pro while solving this.

Otherwise, go back and re-read cause there’s no other way out of this problem. 

Just remember, your Vizio Soundbar is your partner through the highs and lows, so you must be there in its highs and lows and be patient during the diagnosis and treatment process.


Why is my Vizio soundbar flashing white lights and not responding to the remote?

This could be due to a firmware update, connection issues, or the soundbar being stuck in demo mode. Ensure all connections are secure and try resetting the soundbar.

What does it mean when my soundbar is cycling through different inputs with two lights at a time?

Your soundbar might be in demo mode. Follow the steps provided in the article to exit demo mode.

My soundbar shows 5 lights on and a 6th blinking light. What does this indicate?

This could be a sign that the soundbar undergoing a firmware update. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Vizio support.

After moving my soundbar to a different room, it started flashing lights when the TV is off. How can I fix this?

Ensure all connections are secure and the soundbar is set to the correct input. If the issue persists, consider contacting Vizio support.

I tried force reinstalling the update on my soundbar, and now all lights are blinking. What should I do?

It’s possible that the soundbar is stuck in a firmware update loop. Try unplugging the soundbar and plugging it back in. If the issue continues, reach out to Vizio support.

What’s the difference between a refurbished unit and a recertified unit when getting a replacement from Vizio?

A refurbished unit is known to have an issue, whereas a recertified unit is checked to ensure it’s working before being sent out as a replacement.

My soundbar keeps flashing lights even after a factory reset. What can I do?

This could be a sign of a more significant issue. It’s recommended to contact Vizio support for further assistance.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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7 months ago

My Vizio SB46514-F6 soundbar, connected to a TCL 75S535 TV via HDMI ARC, intermittently disconnects during playback. Despite firmware updates and support assistance, the issue persists. The soundbar stops for about 5 seconds and then resumes, indicated by the LED lights. This happened twice during a 1.5-hour movie, with only audio interruptions. My sub is 10 feet away, behind a couch. Has anyone faced this? Feedback on resolving this would be appreciated. I’m disappointed with my first Vizio product due to these issues.

7 months ago
Reply to  Charles

Hey, I’ve had similar issues with my Vizio too. Sometimes it just acts up for no reason. I think it might be a firmware thing? I dunno. But yeah, it’s super annoying. I’ve heard some folks saying resetting it helps, but didn’t work for me. Maybe try reaching out to Vizio again? Hope you get it sorted. And yeah, their products can be hit or miss sometimes.

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