Top 10 features of UE Megaboom 3

Waterproof & Floatable

Don't worry about spills or poolside splashes – the Megaboom 3 is waterproof and even floats! Enjoy your tunes at the beach or by the pool without a care.

One-Touch Music Control

Easily control your music with one touch using the intuitive button interface or the UE Megaboom app. Play, pause, and skip tracks effortlessly.

360-Degree Sound

Experience music like never before with 360-degree sound. The UE Megaboom 3 delivers rich, immersive audio that fills every corner of the room.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Keep the party going all day and night. The Megaboom 3 boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring uninterrupted music enjoyment.

Thundering Bass

Feel the music with thundering bass that rocks your world. The Megaboom 3 delivers deep, punchy lows for a truly immersive experience.

PartyUp Feature

Double the fun! Connect multiple Megaboom 3 speakers using the PartyUp feature for synchronized music that fills any space.

Customizable EQ Settings

Fine-tune your audio experience with customizable EQ settings in the UE Megaboom app. Adjust the sound to your liking.

Durable Design

Built to withstand rough and tumble, the Megaboom 3's durable design ensures it can handle any adventure you embark on.

Stylish and Portable

Crafted with style in mind, the Megaboom 3 is as fashionable as it is functional. Its portable design makes it the perfect companion for music lovers on the move.

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