Top 10 Features of Motion Boom

Long Battery Life

Keep the music playing! Enjoy up to 24 hours of extended playback with Motion Boom's long-lasting battery life.

Built to last

The Motion Boom's sturdy design withstands any adventure, bringing music wherever you go.

Superior Sound Quality

Experience crystal-clear audio with deep bass. The Motion Boom delivers unparalleled sound fidelity for every note.

Water Resistance

Fear no splashes! With its IPX7 water resistance, Motion Boom is perfect for poolside parties and beach days, ensuring your music plays on, rain or shine.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Easily pair your devices with Motion Boom's reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.


The lightweight and portable design of Motion Boom, weighing just 2.0 kg, makes it your go-to speaker for every outing.

Control at your fingertips

Adjust volume, change tracks, and more with Motion Boom's intuitive controls.

Companion App

Customize settings, access new features, and control your speaker with ease.

Power Bank Feature

The Motion Boom's built-in power bank keeps your devices charged while you enjoy your favorite tunes.

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