This is Wallnut Bluetooth Speaker

For making walnut shell art, this man cleans walnut shells.

Then, he takes a 5-volt power module and removes all components

he removes all components, attaching them like this.

 After attaching, he connects a 5-volt battery to it.

Next, he takes a Type-C port and fits it into the walnut, preparing the space for the port. 

He then adds glue to the walnut and fits the circuit inside.

After fitting, he connects the Type-C port to the circuit.

 Next, he adds a switch and combines the Bluetooth and amplifier.  He then properly glues a two-watt Bluetooth speaker inside the shell and connects the speaker to the main circuit.

After closing the shell properly, the Bluetooth walnut speaker is ready. 

Your Bluetooth walnut speaker is Now  ready. You can use it with your mobile.