Discover how the JBL Charge 5 enhances every moment of your day

Start your day with your favorite tunes. The Charge 5 is your perfect morning companion.

Morning Wake-Up

Pump up your workout with the powerful sound of the Charge 5. Sweat-proof and ready for any challenge.

Workout Boost

Enhance your focus with the Charge 5. Perfect for your work or study playlist.

Work or Study Companion

Lunch breaks are better with your favorite podcast or music on the Charge 5

Lunch Break

On the go? Take the Charge 5 along for errands and enjoy seamless music anywhere.

Afternoon Errands

Wind down your day with soothing sounds from the Charge 5. Your evening, your vibe.

Evening Relaxation

End your day peacefully. The Charge 5 offers gentle, relaxing music to lull you to sleep.

Night-Time Ambiance

All-day battery life. The Charge 5 stays with you from dawn till dusk, and beyond.

Battery and Durability

The JBL Charge 5: Your versatile companion for every part of your day