How To Turn On Bose Soundbar Without Remote

Struggling to turn on your Bose soundbar without the remote? Don't fret! Our guide covers easy fixes, from using universal remotes to handy phone apps.

Updated on: October 24, 2023

If your Bose soundbar remote is broken or has stopped working, you might find yourself in a challenging situation since these soundbars typically require a remote for operation. However, there’s no need to rush into buying a new remote just yet. In this article, we will explore various ways to connect or turn on your Bose Speakers and soundbar without a remote, providing you with practical solutions to overcome this issue.

5 Ways To Turn On Your Bose Soundbar Without Its Remote

1. The Auto-Wake Feature:

A stitch in time saves nine” holds true when dealing with a non-functional Bose remote. The auto-wake feature is your proactive solution, sparing you from potential hassle.

Understanding ‘Auto-Wake’: Activating auto-wake means your Bose Speakers power up with your TV, and if left idle for over 20 minutes, they’ll shut down.

Activating Auto-Wake: You can enable this feature via the Bose remote or the Bose Music App.

Using Bose Music App:

  1. Ensure your phone and Bose device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Power up the Bose Soundbar and install the Bose Music App on your phone.
  3. Log in or register a new Bose Music account.
  4. Grant the necessary permissions to the app.
  5. Sync your phone with your Bose device:
    • Tap “Speakers & Soundbars”.
    • Select “Add Product” and choose your device or add it manually.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi and name your Speaker.
  6. Connect the Bose device to your TV or audio source.
  7. Finalize the setup:
    • Go back to the Bose Music App home page.
    • Select your Bose device and navigate to “Settings”.
    • Find “Optical Auto-Awake” under “Power” and turn it on.

Using the Original Bose Remote: This method is quicker but requires a working remote.

  1. Connect the Bose device to your TV or audio source.
  2. Ensure the audio output is set to your Bose device.
  3. Navigate to the “Power” or “Auto Wake” settings on your Bose device and enable it.
  4. Play something; your Bose device should respond.


  1. Hold the power button on your Bose Remote for 5 seconds until you hear a beep.
  2. A triple blink of the light on the bar confirms Auto-wake is active.

Now, you’re all set with a backup plan for your Bose Speakers, ensuring seamless operation even without the remote.

2. Utilize Your Universal Remote:

bose soundbar universal remote

It’s time to put your universal remote to good use with your Bose Speakers/Soundbar.

Steps for Universal Remote Setup:

  1. Find your Bose Soundbar’s code in the universal remote’s manual.
  2. Hold down the “Code Search” button until the indicator light is on.
  3. Input the Bose Soundbar code using the remote’s number buttons.
  4. Test with the “Power” button; if the Soundbar responds, setup is complete. If not, try the next code.
  5. Some remotes may need you to save the code; refer to your remote’s manual.

Using Bose Music App for Universal Remote:

  1. Clear your universal remote’s pairing memory by holding the Volume down and left arrow buttons for five seconds until the TV, Power, and Source buttons blink thrice.
  2. Open the Bose Music app, go to “Settings,” and select “Universal Remote” then “Advanced.”
  3. Choose “Pair New Remote.”
  4. Remove the universal remote’s batteries for 30 seconds, reinsert them, and let the app pair with your Bose device.
  5. Tap “Continue” to complete the setup.

Now, your universal remote is ready to control your Bose Speakers/Soundbar.

3. Use Your Phone as a Remote:

Turn your phone into a remote control for your Bose Speakers/Soundbar.


  1. Download “ControlSpace Remote Custom” from the Play Store and install it.
  2. Grant necessary permissions.
  3. Control your Bose device within a 39-foot range.

4. Bose Remote Control Replacement:

Get a replacement for your Bose remote easily from a store or the Bose website.

TV Remote as an Alternative: If your setup includes an HDMI ARC or eARC connection, you can use your TV remote to control your Bose device, thanks to the CEC feature.

5. Power-Sync Function:

Similar to Auto-wake, the Power-Sync function lets you control your Bose device without a remote.


  1. Open the Bose Music App and go to “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to “Power” and select “Power-sync.”
  3. Enable the feature using the toggle switch.

User Problems and Solutions with Bose Soundbars

Problem: Connecting Bose Soundbar 300 to WiFi without Remote

Many users have faced challenges in connecting their Bose Soundbar 300 to WiFi after losing the remote control. A user, u/Either_Opening_7096, shared their experience on a forum, seeking assistance for this issue.


  1. Bose Sound Touch App: TombShr3dda, a forum member, suggested using the Bose Sound Touch app as a potential solution. However, this requires the soundbar to be already connected to WiFi.
  2. Connect to Bose WiFi SSID: Dvusken mentioned that if the soundbar wasn’t previously connected to a WiFi source, users could check if it’s broadcasting a Bose WiFi SSID, connect to it, and set up the device using the Soundtouch®/Bose music app.
  3. Contact Bose Support: The original poster found a solution by contacting Bose support, who guided them to connect the Soundbar to a computer for a firmware update.

Problem: Resetting Bose Soundbar 700 without Remote

Users, including u/lazy-designer-, have encountered issues resetting their Bose Soundbar 700 and connecting it to a new WiFi network after moving homes, especially when the remote control is not working.


  1. Ethernet Connection: Reasonable_Draft1634 recommended connecting the Soundbar to the router via an Ethernet cable as a temporary solution until the remote arrives.
  2. Change WiFi SSID: IDubCityI suggested changing the new WiFi router’s SSID to the same network name used at the old address, allowing the soundbar to recognize and connect to it.
  3. Use Bose App for Setup: Some users suggested using the Bose app for setup, though this requires the device to be discoverable via Bluetooth.

Problem: Using Bose Solo 5 without Remote

A user, u/2openYourEyes, shared their struggle with turning on Bluetooth on their Bose Solo 5 without a remote.


  1. Universal Remote: The user managed to solve the issue by using a universal remote and shared a combination that worked for them, involving the mute button and possibly the volume up button.

What to Do When Your Bose Soundbar Remote Stops Working:

When your Bose soundbar remote ceases to function, first ensure that the soundbar or speakers are properly connected to the power source. You can also test the remote on another device to pinpoint the issue. If the problem lies with the remote, it’s likely due to depleted batteries. Replace them and attempt to turn on the soundbar again. If the remote is irreparably damaged, consider alternative methods to operate your Bose soundbar and speakers.

In Summary

All in all, turning on your Bose speakers without the remote is an easy task that can be done in various ways. Whether it’s using your smartphone, the Bose Music app, or even just the universal remote, the options are limitless. No need to worry about losing the remote or not being able to use it, as these simple methods can ensure that you enjoy your music to the fullest. So go ahead and turn up the volume, let the tunes take over, and enjoy the superior sound quality Bose is known for!

If none of these methods worked for you, there is a possibility that your Bose soundbar has a problem. Try resetting your bose soundbar.

I’m Shaun Conroy, an audiophile & founder of HiFi Audios. Holding a Bachelor’s in Sound Engineering, I bring deep expertise in audio devices and offer insights & recommendations to fellow enthusiasts.

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